we are agualima,

Peruvian company since 1998, honest, integral and ethical. We comply with the highest quality standards in each production process of our products.


To be an agro-export company of food products of the highest quality, efficiency and sustainability; offering our customers healthy foods with differentiated products to consumers around the world; promoting the professional development of our employees and the sustained growth of the company by generating a positive and real impact on the welfare of the communities in which we operate.


To be a leading agro-industrial company in the supply of food of the highest quality standards in the country.

corporate values
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our social comitment

"At work we spend a large part of our lives. Let's make it happen in an attractive and human climate. There can be no organizations where the course of the workday is eternal, tedious and threatens the health of the worker".

Angel Baguer

and health

we have developed a set of analyzes and studies, evaluating our current risks to identify the greater probability and control them adequately.

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corporate compliance

We adopt a set of procedures and good practices to identify and classify operational and legal risks to establish mechanisms to prevent them.

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our whistleblower channel

Agualima is committed to transparency and good corporate governance. With this purpose, it makes available to its collaborators, clients and suppliers its complaints channel, incidents reports and improvement proposals.
Through this channel you can inform in a secure, confidential and anonymous way, any fraudulent act or illicit activity of which you have become aware. In the same way, you can report any incident or propose improvements to the organization.
You can use this service through the following channel: